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Roaring into the 20s! - Living in Lockdown is Outta Sight.... New single just released! 

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Each song is fresh, inspired by a heartbeat, a soul, and a life of its’ own. A story to be lived. Close your eyes and let your mind go. Where do you travel to? What memories are brought forward? 

Fortunately, Tara Kye has had many life lessons to draw upon to write and a great friend, John Dean, who writes with her, they just split the credits 50/50 it’s easier that way then they can relax into the creative knowing they have taken care of one another. Writing together for 24 years. He is the musician and talent while Tara is the one with the crazy ideas who refuses to live life in a box preferring to breakdown boundaries with a machete than live the status quo. 

At the age of 24, whe was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma stage 2B, moving quacking into stage 3. Life had been irreversibly altered. 25 years later, John Dean bought an 1878 Steinway Grand Pano and said we should write a song about how we first met and try to raise some money for Cancer Research…. 

Molten metal was born. A celebration of life, triumphantly conquering all odds. That was the start, then John Dean and Tara Collaboratively wrote 17 songs together in total as of today’s date including “Put Your Phone Down”,  “You Only Live Once, Let’s Get Away!”, “Let’s Go! Let’s Go! Let’s Go!”, “Rise”, “Where is that Man”, and the dog song “Do the Wag”…. 

Was missing the days when every song had a story, a magic, a pulse or a heartbeat! When I was sailing with my family, my dad said, take your saxophone and go sit on that rock on the bay and play your saxophone, you don’t need music, just go play… So, I learned how to improvise, create and enjoy! That one crazy memory liberated me to create…. 

Life it’s an adventure. It’s meant to be lived, loved and Laugh Always!

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Put Your Phone Down! 

Hi, Hope you are all happy, healthy and well! The new song is a cheeky look at how important our phones have become to us in our society! Stay home, be well and hopefully we can all see each other again soon! We're all in this together. Thank you.