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Tara Kye Music presents Tara Kye featuring John Dean. Tara Kye is a passionate musician, humanitarian and cancer survivor of twenty years. Her music is a blended mix of rock, pop and dance with an edge of classical composition featuring her saxophone talent. 

************NEW! May 2018************

Where is that Man?

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************NEW! February 2018************

It’s About Romance



Chasing Rainbows

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*************November 2017************

Do The Calliwag: Raise Your Paws

A fun easy loving dance song to honor my paw pals and the fun-loving kids in my life. So grateful for the fun moments that make me smile.


*********December 2017**********

Freedom Rocks

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********** October 2017**********

Tortured Love

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 ************August 2017***********

Beautiful Gangsta’

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***********February 2017***********

Bitterly Cold

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***********October 2016***********

Ride of Your Life

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***********October 2016***********

Ride of Your Life: Remix

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************August 2016************

Molten Metal

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Please join us in celebrating the release of her first music video for the song “Molten Metal“. The story of the video reflects much of Tara’s very challenging road on her ride to survive cancer, reflecting the power to choose to live life to the fullest and overcome with health and vibrancy like never before.



10% of All profits of video are donated to the B.C. Cancer Foundation

Please Donate Below to continue supporting the amazing research and medical staff at the B.C. Cancer Foundation in support of the B.C. Cancer Society.


A great big shout out and much gratitude to the wonderful film crew and producers at Pinpoint Productions for such a great experience and sharing in the vision. Hopefully the first of many more to come.

Watch her Molten Metal video here first!




Music available on iTunes



Molten Metal and Bitterly Cold video on Youtube or download her latest song releases from iTunes.

“This is the ride of your life.”


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