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Kick off your shoes you need to chill
You’re standing there with that silent stare
Do you want this? I think you do
Catching my heart it’s not easy to do

Don’t know what I want
But when I’ll meet him I’ll know
When he walks through the door
I wanna be sure, I wanna share this life
Oh, but it has to be right ooo oooo
I wanna share this life
Where is that man?
Where is that Man?

Come on over, show me your moves
Your looking good but it’s gonna take more than that
Now’s your chance … Take this dance
Make me believe … that I want you


Don’t wanna know your five year plan
Please don’t take me to wear you’ve been
Even Diamonds take years to shine
After those years will you still be mine

Like waves of the ocean I drown in your spell
You defend my truth and save my soul
You are my lion and I your princess
Where you will go, I will be there with you

Copyright Tara Kye Maines and John Dean