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  1. Tortured Love
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Verse 1
You’re like a loaded gun
Turn away
I wish that I could run
But I can’t
I can’t understand
I am feeling lost
You feed my soul

I am hungry for love
Your touch my soul
You’ve left scars on my soul
You know I loose control
Oh it's tortured love

Verse 2
I want to push you away
But I can’t
You fill me with desire
When you go,
You have a hold on me
I can’t get away
You feed my soul


Verse 3
Wanting you such so much
It is torture
I see you when you wish
I must wait
You burn me
You turn me
You feed my soul

This Fairytale Illusion
It’s delusion
You throw me away
You don’t even care
I am caught in your nightmare
You’ve got me all tied up
Twisted and torn I starve

Chorus x 2

Then you go away…

Tara Maines
June 2015