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Hello Everyone,

Tara Kye here, I am so eternally grateful to have the opportunity to share with you my Story and Music. It is my sincerest intention to empower everyone to start talking and sharing knowledge, experiences and healing inspirations to encourage and support those amongst their battle with cancer. I will be accepting donations to The Canadian Cancer Society here on my website tarakyemusic.com to aid in research and developement of cancer resolutions, resources and support groups. A percentage of my own earnings will also be donated to other causes and support for research as this movement grows.

Coming Soon:

There will be a page added soon for our Members to Share their Own Success Stories and resolutions. My Vision includes a virtual community of survivors available and willing to be supportive to the warriors as they prepare to go to battle. Uniting Survivors to Empower Healing and Hope.

My music tells my story and reflects my own experience, and it is my hope that those on their own Ride to Survive relate to my songs…But i would like to expand that and provide a platform for You All to have a place to share YOUR STORY and connect with a community of healing.

Please do join Our Email List and recieve my weekly blogs including stories about my life and music, invites to events and trending favourites…And I would love to see you All join me on Facebook at Tara Kye feat. John Dean were you can find my daily shares and inspiration.

This Is The Ride Of Your Life…Make the Most of It!

Tara Kye

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